April 22, 2009


So my plan was to write this very involved post today, and I have been working on it all day long, between time doing other difficult tasks that are vexing me. I am struggling with the post. Quite a bit. I think I have too many ideas to express and I am too emotionally invested in it. I shall continue, but my brain is fried from thinking about the subject, which has to do with creativity and copyrights. So right now I shall post a pretty heart I made recently, for my dear friend Sheryl, for her Secretary of Violence costume for Penguicon. She is going to look great! I am spending a couple of hours tonight playing in the beading/sewing studio, trying to clear my head. But alas, I am blogging, so that plan isn't really working either. hehe. I need a better distraction than work to clear my head from work. Ok, that's all.


  1. It's gorgeous- I love the little screw head details.

  2. This is cool-makes me think of heraldry, or the search for the Holy Grail (not the Monty Python version), or a depiction of the Sacred Heart from the middle ages (but with less specific imagery). Also would be lovely in a Celtic design-I could just see an Irish monk wearing this with his robes several hundred years ago.