April 21, 2009

Dewdrop Flight

Quick post today! I have some new press to report! This necklace, called Dewdrop Flight, is featured as a project in the latest issue of Step By Step Beads magazine! It shows my new Terra Trinket seabird links, paired with pretty crystals in aqua tones, and lots of delightful fine pewter made by Tierracast! This is something a little different for me, with the sparkly crystals and the pastel colors. Hey, sometimes I need a break from earthy browns (not often, but sometimes, hehe) This feels like a really rainy, April showers sort of necklace to me... nice for springtime. I plan on making some simple pendants based on this design, like the one shown below, very soon! I planned to do it tonight, but learned that the fabulous Jean Cambell is having a lecture at my local bead guild, the GLBG, so I am off to meet her tonight. Will have to save my beading for another rainy day!


  1. It's very cute, and Pacific Opal is one of my favorite Swarovski colors. But I still prefer the browns, too ;)

  2. Congratulations - the design is awesome - good on ya - peace for all

  3. Lovely pendant and necklace Melanie.