April 8, 2009

Creating new from old

Today I worked on a sort of new carving. Not really new entirely, but a new version of it. You may remember the Fortress Key tile that I made last year, shown below. Sometime last year, I was pressing a tile and was a little overzealous in hitting it against the table to get the tile out of the mold, and I broke the mold in half. I was really disappointed, and knew I would need to make another one. The weather got cold and I don't usually press tile in winter, because I do it in the basement. So I left it and moved onto other things.
I recently rediscovered it and had the brainstorm to make the new mold, and while I was at it, make a new piece out of it. We had a need for a large medallion, to give away as the Penguicon Masquerade prizes. I thought the key would make a nice looking prize, sort of like a key to the city sort of thing. Or the key to the Con! hehe! Anyway, today I pressed the piece above from the remnants of the old mold, and cleaned it up and redesigned it a little bit. I love this version, which is about 3" round right now (but it will shrink up some in the process). It will make a nice medallion, as well as a nice ornament. I may even be able to shrink it down so it is pendant sized. Tomorrow i plan to finish cleaning up the new version of the tile, and pour plaster molds for both of them. There are not that many days left before Penguicon, so I better get moving pretty fast on these awards!

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