March 17, 2009

Unlocking Inspration

Today, a quick sneak peek at a new pendant design, with some work in progress pictures of it. This new set of round carvings are being inspired by a few things; varied, but they are all pretty symbolic. This first one, is based on the lock to my front door, shown above (along with the first clay "sketch" and a mid carving picture) I stylized it a bit with a classic keyhole and some extra beading, but it was certainly inspired by my home entrance. Its very symbolic for me, the thought of this keyhole, the protector of my home, the portal to my personal space. It makes me feel at home and secure, seeing it. I have not fired any of these yet, but hope to see my first one come out of the kiln tomorrow, along with other new pieces. I will share more soon!

1 comment:

  1. That's thinking outside the square for you.....very clever!
    Who would have thought that your front door lock could be utilised so brilliantly in a jewelry design.
    I like the steampunk stuff and think that the inner workings of an old watch would also look brilliant if utilised in the same way that you have with the lock.