March 3, 2009

Starting Small

I had a wonderfully extended, very relaxing, and creative weekend and made a bunch of new stuff that I can't wait to talk about and show you! I played with some new things... new materials and techniques... which is incredibly exciting, and has brought a renewed passion to my work and my life. Whee! And it is just beginning, this is only the start! Who knows where it will go, but I am thrilled to discover what will become of these new delights!

But first, I have some new pieces from the start of the jewelry line. I thought it would be a great plan to begin small, with some simple earrings and pendants strung simply on beautiful silk ribbon. The earrings are much fun to work on, very small items that I can play with color and texture on a very diminutive scale, which comforts me. The pendants will be simple filigree wraps, or will use beads and wire with the porcelain, and will all be strung on silk for ease of wearing. These are the first two pieces, which are listed in my Etsy shop. The earrings will be called Earthen Jewels and will sell for $20 (shipping included) and the necklaces will be called Earthen Silk Treasures, and may vary in price. Keep an eye out, as I will work on adding more, a little at a time. And as always, if you have suggestions for jewelry you would like to see, please let me know~


  1. These are lovely. I love that silk cord. It works well with the style of the pendant.

  2. Love your earrings! I have to remind/force myself (initially) to work small now and again! Lovely!

  3. Lovely designs! Sometimes it is difficult to work smaller. However, small sometimes packs a bigger punch.