March 7, 2009

Saturday Spotlight: Penguicon

Today I am blogging from a Con meeting at the hotel that will be the the site for the next convention that I am helping with, Penguicon. My friends and I are working on the costuming track and the masquerade for this con, which takes place the weekend of May 1-3. I am really excited about this convention, I attended briefly last year, and am really having a great time being a part of the behind the scenes planning. Even when it involves attending long meetings full of things that don't really involve me, I love hearing all the details about planning such an event. So I have spent most of the meeting working on some graphic banners to help promote the masquerade (like the one above). I will be blogging a bit about our progress on the stage and random props, as well as the costuming stuff that I will be working on for my own costume. This will be a great masquerade! Here is a link to the rules to Penguicon's Exhibition of Gear and Garb Masquerade Extraordinaire! If you are in the metro Detroit area, I hope you will check out Penguicon and join us for a great time of geekery and fun.

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