March 21, 2009

Saturday Spotlight: Bead Bonanza!

I am working hard all day and night to get ready for the always awesome Bead Bonanza! I went in early and got my booth mostly set up (and I am cheating by showing a picture of last year's set up above). I have my sales/packaging box to get ready tonight and a list of things that I forgot (extension cords, duct tape, sign). I have a kiln cooling now, and I will gather the contents and sort them at the show in the morning. Tonight, I will make as many neat brass and porcelain pendants as possible to bring along. I am excited to have a little bit of fancy stuff and new work to show. My table is looking a little sparse, and it is mostly old stuff that I am discounting and putting on sale, so the little bit of new work will add some freshness to my display. This is my local bead guild, and I have been doing this show regularly for over a decade, so they are always looking for something new from me. I hope to please them this time around. Oh! And as I walked in and was shown to my space, the show co-ordinators requested that I dress in the steampunkery like I did last fall. I had pondered it, but wasn't sure if i had the energy. Well, consider my arm twisted... maybe I will don the goggles tomorrow....


  1. I loved your booth today at Southfield. I bought an abundance of components to start my own "SteamPunk" look. You are a delightful young woman. (Gosh, that makes me sound so old.) Keep fresh, unique and work from your heart. Your booth was by far our favorite. It had a wonderful look and you were so sweet. (We took your picture and you brought out the modified nerf gun.) Thank you for being there today and I will send the pictures I took as soon as I unpack.
    Sue Trump

  2. It was great to meet you too! Thank you so much!