March 28, 2009

Many Familiar Faces

So when I say I am busy, this is a visual representation of what "busy" can look like. This is an order that I just finished this morning and started to sort. Whew! It is a big relief to get this one (pretty much) done and out the door. That's a lot of little ceramic bits to keep track of. The order was all faces for a woman who owns a store and who teaches how to do beadwork around them. I am sure they make beautiful things, she and her staff and customers.
I got them all done and out the door today, in perfect time to enjoy the rest of my Saturday with a lunch with friends and a party tonight! My plate is mostly clear for the week now, so I am really itching to work on new things with clay, and to get the many pictures I have taken of new work edited and put on Etsy. But for now, I will enjoy my weekend! Enjoy...

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