March 18, 2009

Locking myself inside

I am feeling a little crummy today, even though it was a gorgeous day. I was able to get out and do my errands and walk the dog in the park, but I was mostly happy to come home and lock myself inside and rest and work on the couch for the afternoon. One bright spot in my day was the opening of the kiln this morning, where I had new work awaiting me! Above is one of the pieces, the keyhole that I showed the work in progress pictures of yesterday. I am pleased with it! I am looking forward to doing it in other colors too. So that has been my goal, to make a handful of them (and the other new designs) for my show this weekend. Time to keep working!


  1. You know your voice was running through my head and I just had to leave you with my thoughts. I have been reading your blog and following your work for 2 years and I was amazed at what you had created as always but more amazed that your voice seemed to have lost something. You must have faith and trust in your higher power what ever that means to you for me it,s Jesus and I'm not shamed to admit that. I truly hope and pray that you will put your trust where it belongs and you find some peace and strength in the next few weeks. I love your work and enjoy your blog, and your right things are pretty bad right now but my faith keeps me walking on! God Bless you and yours, Debra

  2. Debra,
    Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I am not so much religious but I do appreciate the sentiment.

    I have had some difficult personal issues in the last year, and I am sure it iis reflected in my voice in the blog. Its hard to decide how much to share from my personal life, sometimes, in such a public blog.

    Thank you for your concern and your comment. *hugs*