March 27, 2009

Serendipity and Mystery

This is my new favorite thing! It is a huge rusty padlock that I bought at an outdoor antique/ thrift market while with my dear friends in Rochester NY earlier this year. I have great memories of that trip, and this lock is a physical reminder of it. It had a recessed circular area where some part had long broken off, and I wanted to replace it with a piece of carved clay. I had set it aside for the day when I could carve something for it, and it resurfaced recently. I was amazed when by coincidence, one of my new lock pendants fit perfectly in the recessed area! I made one without holes especially for it, and cemented it in place. The lock doesn't open, it didn't come with a key, so I will just attach it to something, like this old looking mystery trunk, to look like it will keep the contents forever safe from potential troublemakers and curious eyes!

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