March 25, 2009

Glazed Clockwork Scarab

Well yesterday was a big, intense post and today has been a busy day. So I will keep it short and light today. Above, one of the new scarab beads, glazed in green. I am very happy with this! Wait until you see the other colors! I need to take pictures of them. Soon!

Here's something fun... a cheesy nature show about scarabs, AKA Dung Beetles. I am sure that some of my (ahem, cough) less mature friends will delight and giggle everytime the announcer says "dung" or dung-ball". Which of my readers has the mind and maturity of a 5 year old, and wants to count? I dare you. *giggle*

Click on the pic above to see this bead in the Earthenwood Etsy shop. Lots more soon, I promise.


  1. Oooh, I hope that scarab is still in your shop when my husband's paycheck arrives! There could not be a pendant that was more "me" if it tried!

  2. I hope you do one in a pale aqua, sort of turquoise color. The ancient Egyptians made some in a material called faience that are really beautiful.

    To learn more about faience, here's the wiki entry:

  3. AJ,
    oh thanks! I am glad you like it. On the agenda today is photographing the rest of them so i can get them listed, Stay tuned!

    ooh thanks for the suggestion! Turquiose would be perfect to mimic faience. I was able to study some ancient Egyptian faience beads once, I was really inspired. I will have to remember to blog about that sometime.

    Thank you!