March 12, 2009

Finding My Way

So this new necklace, called Finding My Way, is inspired by the new toy I got today as a gift. Today is all about compasses, old and new, and direction and finding my way around. My parents got me a GPS for my car, so I don't get lost quite so much. I have a terrible sense of direction, and usually have no idea which direction I am facing or how to get places. I am such a visual person, I usually just get around by seeing landmarks I recognize, I usually just drive along, until I get a "feeling" like I have seen things before, and then I figure I am on the right track.

I used it on the way home from my parents and I can already tell it will help me a great deal. I set it to read the directions with the voice of a rather dapper sounding English gentleman. I figure that will blend in with most of the British pop music that I seem to end up listening to in the car. As I was driving along, listening to my new electronic friend, I decided he needed a name. How about something properly British, like Nigel. Yeah. I think that will be the name for Mr. GPS. Gosh I am silly sometimes.

Of course, the name is inspired by my favorite band, XTC, and their classic tune "Making Plans for Nigel". Not one of my favorites actually, I think i have just heard it a million times too many. Still a good song, and it has great imagery, with the clashing drums and the workers theme, and British Steel references. Feels very industrial, and I think it helped inspire the necklace above as well. Here is an interesting video for the song, with some great old timey images.

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