March 26, 2009

Building up Steam

Not much to say lately, and too busy to blog. I am making beads, glazing, firing kilns, taking pictures, blah blah blah. Busy from morning until night, but with not much to share in the blog yet. Soon though. I did take this picture of the Steam Stone line, all done in the metallic oxidation finish, for the website. I don't know why I originally glazed the examples in that peachy tan, but it has always bothered me, since it is not a finish I offer the stones in. So this is a better choice, and they look great. I need to work on a little web work soon too, as I have some new press coming out soon that requires a new page. It will be a page of Steam Circles, so it will include the round gears and the new round pendants i have been doing lately. whee! That's all i have for now. Soon I will add a bunch of stuff to etsy and have something to show! Hope you stick around to see...

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  1. Hi,

    These look really great, reminding of South America's lost civilizations.

    Kind regards,