March 31, 2009

Product Playtime: Gluable Disk-&-Loop Bracelets

I recently got some new bracelet forms from Rings and Things to play with, in a variety of metal finishes and shapes. These are bracelets that are completely finished, which have flat metal pads for links made for gluing. They are perfect for gluing cabochon stones, or buttons, or other fun flat backed things.
The first thing I made was an obvious choice, which was a bracelet made of repeating baby moon face stones. I used an antique copper colored bracelet, and I just happened to have 13 of the same Earthy Green color, so I glued them to the bracelet, one on each pad. I used E6000, which is a glue that I like to use to glue ceramic to metal. It makes for a kind of neat looking bracelet, although it is slightly disconcerting to have all of those little faces all in a row. Ah well, wearing it, one would certainly not feel lonely, hehe.

So I wanted to make something a little more complex with my next bracelet form, so I took it apart to create a necklace. I used the components separately, and linked other things to the pads. I like the look of some of the flat pads showing, as chain elements, especially when attached to the hammered rings and gear links. I glued a few ceramic gear stones to some of the other pads. I wanted to make something kind of asymmetrical, to play on the center component that is stamped with the word "balance". I like the way this turned out, and the gears and little charms remind me vaguely of some sort of balancing machine, like it could come alive and be used as some sort of mechanical balancing tool.


  1. Hey thanks! oops, and you commented on the post before I put words in it, so now you can stop by again and read it if you want to *giggle*

  2. Yes, both are cool. The moon faces are very charming, lined up so symmetrically. You're braver than I, taking apart a bracelet, but the result shows you know just what you're doing, Melanie :)

    at Rings & Things

  3. Love the necklace with the balance theme and the industrial feel!

  4. I love the changes you made to repurpose it into a necklace...VERY CREATIVE!!

  5. Boy, this would be a good option for creating pendant components since I don't yet solder, so I can't do bezels for cabochons. Just discovered E6000 too, so I'll have to give this a try! Thanks for pointing up such a useful supplier.