February 17, 2009

Victorian Keyed Cuffs

Another fun and quick project I made... a pair of lacy wrist cuffs to match the Victorian Collar that I showed on the blog the other day. These cuffs started with a pair of Tandy Leather cuff bracelet kits. I added some lace with hot glue and attached a new brassy buckle. Then, I wired an old key to a Vintaj brass Deco Window filigree piece and wove the center leather strap in and out of the key. Really, that was all there was to it, and I love these cuffs.

This was the first time I really worked with leather type materials and I am really excited to do more, for a variety of reasons. I am newly inspired by classic materials like leather and metal, I guess, hehe. I gathered more materials today at the thrift store: another leather belt and a cool metal mesh belt. I bought a couple of leather jackets to cut up last time I went thrift store shopping, and I just wish i had a little more time to spend playing with stuff.

As promised, a pic of me in the Victorian Collar and Cuffs from Confusion. This is what I called my steampunk apocalypse ballroom look. The skirt is really fun, I made it from this crazy metallic, torn up looking material. The top was new, from Torrid, all black and lacey. And the silver and black metallic striped socks that I am absolutely in love with, so much so that I never bothered to wear my neat victorian boots. I really enjoyed this outfit, and really should wear it again, I think...


  1. I saw that first image and just stopped and stared.


    You had me at Victorian

  2. your work is just phenomenal! i do some beading and look for hours at the work of others on the net, your stuff to well above all i have seen, truly you are an artist