February 24, 2009

Triple Gear Disc Brass and Cable Choker

Today I have another new necklace to show, one made with one of the disc pendants that I showed yesterday. This is another version of something made with the choker cable necklace forms from Rings and Things. The necklace has coppery glass pearls wired onto the cable, with tiny cog bead charms dangling from the pearls. I just did the wirework on the central part of the this time, instead of the whole thing, like the first piece I did with the cables. Doing just the center really cut down on the time it took to make this, but it has a bit of the same ornate feeling. This time, I added some jump rings and tiny cog beads in the little spaces between the pearls and the cable, so there is extra activity in the necklace with little dangles. I am quite pleased with it! I listed this finished piece for sale in my etsy shop today.

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