February 28, 2009

Saturday Spotlight

Today's Saturday Spotlight is the Etsy shop of my friends at Vintaj Earth. I have seen it many times before, filled with an inspiring collection of gorgeous handcrafted jewelry and gifts. But I ran into it again while stocking my own Etsy shop, and checking the tags on Etsy for "earthenwood" I was pleased to see a few designs in the Vintaj Earth shop that use my components, including the Nouveau Clock necklace shown above. I think it is simply elegant and beautiful.

If any of my fine readers have new items made with Earthenwood components listed on your blog or etsy shop, I encourage you to please send me an email at earthenwood at gmail.com with a link to it. I may feature you in an upcoming Saturday Spotlight too!

1 comment:

  1. All of the stuff in my shop with Earthenwood pieces is old. Guess this is a good nudge to make something new :)

    (btw, I sold the lariat that I made with some of your word charms! yay!)