February 7, 2009

Saturday Spotlight

So people send me really interesting links to very cool things that inspire me all the time. I have been thinking that I should share them on my blog instead of hoarding them all to myself. I am going to try a new Saturday feature of cool stuff to spotlight. Maybe other artists or crafters, maybe interesting articles... just a random mix of cool stuff. Today is the ceramic work of Tim See, who makes these awesome steampunk pouring vessels and other works out of clay. I had almost decided to become a professional potter before my wrists started to bother me my last year in college, so I am often quite inspired to see awesome pottery. These are totally my style, I love them! Check out Tim's blog and etsy shop to see more! Thanks for the link, Randy!

I just got done making an order of custom terra cotta ornaments, and the color of the wet clay reminds me if this piece above. To me, things made of clay look best in this freshly made, wet state. I think thats why I love Yixing teapots so much, because they look like wet clay still. I love the screws and details of this, very inspiring!

1 comment:

  1. This is a fun addition to your blog! I love hearing about other artists and seeing a glimpse of what they do...makes me think I should get off the computer and head into the studio to get a few things done :)