February 25, 2009

Reversible Heart Embrace Pendant

I am rather pleased with how this new pendant turned out. It was surprisingly simple to make, with just a ceramic heart and two bit of brass filigree from Vintaj. But it looks really elaborate and detailed. The particularly neat thing about this pendant is how it has a different look on the front and back, so it is truly reversible. I also am very pleased with the bail on top, and I will be using that frequently in other new pieces.

I called this piece Heart Embrace, because it feels like the porcelain heart is getting a big warm embrace from the brass butterfly. And that seems fitting right now, because I have been feeling like I have been embracing porcelain again for the first time in a long time. Its funny, when you work with a material day after day, for years. You sometimes take it for granted. Porcelain had recently been becoming the stuff I use to do my job. That happens when I get in production mode, I don't really even think about it anymore. My hands just repeat the familiar steps, the same repetitions. I forgot how much I adore this material, until I started a new series of disc carvings. I have spent many hours in the last few days immersed in porcelain again, my whole world existing for hours on end in a two inch circle of kaolin, carving away, millimeters at a time, the rest of the world dissolving around me as I drift off into a creative dream space, with my tools and clay dust building around me. I have remembered why I love clay so much. I look forward to sharing these new carvings with you soon.

This pendant is listed in the Earthenwood Etsy shop.


  1. excellent post as always, your words so lovely today talking about how love makes times disappear, thank you - peace

  2. These heart's ROCK ! I need to get me one ! Hey you ROCK too ! Love reading your blog! Keep up the great work ! Debra's Dezinez

  3. You know, I will frequently find myself using items/findings/stones, etc, as they were apparently meant to be used. And then I see what you or someone else has done, thinking out of the box, taking a deviation from the norm and something finally *clicks* and I realize I could do so much more with what I have! Thanks for the inspiration and for the reminder that while stoicism has its place, there is also room for the wanderer in this world of ours.