February 16, 2009

Quick Victorian Collar Project

I made this neck collar for one of my costume/outfits recently. I wanted something that was a little more like a collar, with a lace ruffle, something kind of bold to go with the open neck on a black lacey corset top that I was wearing. I made this in just a few minutes and it was really inexpensive and fun, so I wanted to share.

I used an old belt that I found at the thrift store, it is a faux leather belt with a cool big brass buckle that I cut down so it fit my neck. I hot glued the black lace to the bottom edge and covered that with a velvet ribbon so it looked cleaner and wasn't itchy on my neck. Then I glued the Triple Gear stone to the front with E6000. When that set up and dried, I attached a couple of brass filigree flourishes to each side with needle and thread, and thats it! It was super quick, and I love it! I want to do more things like this, and plan to shop for more belts tomorrow to work with. I made matching wrist bands too, and I will show those soon, along with the rest of the outfit.


  1. A new and awesome take on "dog collar" jewelry. Very clever use of materials.

  2. I love the combination of leather and lace (along with your beautiful triple gear focal, of course)!

  3. As Stevie Nicks says, "Give to me your leather. Take from me my lace." A great combination always! Love your look. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. jeanfromholland