February 13, 2009

New Product Playtime!

I recently acquired some new supplies to play with from Rings and Things, which I have wanted to work with for some time. They are thin, strong choker cable necklace forms made of a heavy cable covered in either clear or black or colored coatings with either magnetic or screw on clasps. I really like the idea of them, because they make a great easy and modern chain for quickly stringing on a pendant or bead (with a reasonably large hole) and wearing. The look is really sleek, but I wanted to see them in the flesh because they are thin and I was curious about how sturdy the clasps were. I was pleased to find that the quality of both the magnetic and screw on clasps are very good, and the cable itself is very strong. Overall, I am impressed with these Choker Cables as a ready to wear item (especially with all the colors and sizes), but what about using them as a craft supply?
I had a vision of an elegant, sort of architectural looking choker to go with the Arteria Arcanum pendant. I took some thin wire (about 24 gauge bronze colored wire) and some gunmetal colored grey glass pearls and started to wrap and coil the wire tightly around a black choker cable with magnetic clasp. I started at one side of the clasp and coiled about 10 coils, added a pearl, and coiled about 10 coils more, and kept repeating this. Its a pretty simple technique, and looks really good if you get the coils tight and regular. It just takes a long time. Its a fun project to carry along somewhere though, as it doesn't need many tools. I am looking forward to making another one soon! The wire is thin enough that the cable remained flexible, and the look is exactly what I was trying to achieve.


  1. Great idea! Now I wonder what it would look like with some faceted glass beads or maybe some eyepins with several beads. Hmm, you've got my mind working now!

  2. Bravo Melanie! You are always so creative! My mind is cranking up now, too!

  3. Melanie, wire-wrapping a wire choker cable: your mind works in great ways. The look of this just leaps out of the computer screen, it's so alive. Kudos!