February 10, 2009


I had a weekend full of ups and downs, and am still recovering from it. The low point was a health scare (food poisoning, perhaps) that was rather frightening. But the high point was that my friends were around me and I was filled with so much support and care and love and hope, that I feel like my heart might explode. I am fortunate to have so many special people around me. It's a pretty amazing feeling. I am playing catch up now, working on orders, sending in stuff for super secret projects, writing, crafting new wares. Busy time. I will have much more to say when I feel a bit more level headed.
This pendant is a prototype, and is listed for sale in the Earthenwood Etsy shop

1 comment:

  1. That has such a cool look to it. And I love the "screws"!

    Glad to hear you are recovering! Sending more recovery wishes your way...