February 2, 2009

Iron Inspiration

Tonight, a very quick post. I don't have many words to share right now. I have returned from a wonderful weekend, full of amazing sights and even more amazing friends.

I was in Chicago for a day, and got a rare treat of spending an hour or so at the Art Institute of Chicago. Sadly, most of the contemporary wing museum was closed, so I didn't get to see any Surrealism that I was seeking, but I did get so see some wonderful Chicago history and art.

I fell a little in love with this piece, I think its a piece of the Chicago Stock Exchange, designed by Louis Sullivan. I have blogged about him before. The detail was amazing, I got lost in the metal a bit. Quite moving.
Even though I was only at the museum for a short time, I was left feeling very inspired and dreamy and hazy for the rest of the day. I am reminded that I need to spend more time in places of beauty such as this.

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  1. It is in deed a very beautiful piece of work ! I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing, and very happy you enjoyed your trip !