February 3, 2009

It was well liked, and thus a ring was put upon it...

So I promised to show a picture of the other handpiece that I made, from the bits and experiments from the first one. I wanted to make a simple piece, based on a slave chain ring/bracelet type of jewelry. I like the ring and chain part and I like the boldness of the wrist/hand covering, but I don't know if I like them together. It was a quick piece to put together, and fun to wear, but I think I will disassemble it to make something new. I think I will keep the ring and chain and connect it to a more traditional linked chain bracelet. The heavy piece, I am not sure... I think it would be really neat if sewn to a leather glove. I am glad I documented it at least, but I see it as a sketch and a work in progress for now.

Speaking of rings... Congrats to my friends Scott and Lucy! Scott proposed to Lucy on our trip to Chicago last weekend, on the train, during a fun game he made up for us to play! He brought out a silly blinking blingy plastic ring for her to wear for the weekend, because he is silly that way. She said yes! And she will wear a family heirloom as her wedding ring. But she got to flaunt her flashy bling all weekend for all of us and Chicago to see. I was so happy to be there for this, and am so very excited for them. hugs, you two!

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  1. I really like the wrist part of your slave ring. Maybe something bright (red leather?) to back it so you can really see the details of it. That was my first thought when you said you'll probably take it apart.