February 27, 2009

Fluttering Away

This is another new pendant design that I have come up with lately. Its a pretty simple piece, just a little bit of brass and one of my popular Dragonfly Halo stones. I have been trying to use some of the brass I already have in stock, playing around with new ways to use the filigree that I have played with before, and finally using some of the pieces that I haven't quite figured out how to use until now. I really have been enjoying working with the brass, and making jewelry again. I never seem to get caught up on production enough to really settle into making a jewelry line, but at least a few new pendants are starting to trickle out of the studio now. I am at a bit of a loss as to where to start with a jewelry line. I want to use the ample inventory of random beads and things that I have in stock now, and not spend money to buy new stuff. Arg, but that so goes against my production minded ways: not creating a whole line of things that are exactly the same in design, just different in color. Although I do feel like doing one-of-a-kind things will be good for me and is the direction that I want to go with jewelry, for the most part. I think I might start with some earrings; some little detailed things that I can do quickly. Any thoughts out there, about what you might like to see from me, finished jewelry wise? I am happy to entertain thoughts about jewelry at this point...

So I am fluttering off this weekend, taking a break after a busy week of not feeling well, and working hard. I am looking forward to a good relaxing weekend, easing my body of the pressures of the week, letting my mind wander, and setting my heart free for a while.

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  1. I think one of a kind is your strong point. Your beads are awesome, although as a beader they frankly are out of my price range. When I look at your beads I can't create in my mind like you do when you make your jewellery, especially with the brass findings. I think you sell yourself short. In an economy such as is the people who have money have lots of money and those without less. Focal necklaces are the "in thing" this year, according to the TV, lol, replacing the bracelets as the must have. Personally I think your market is high end jewellery (my canadian accent is showing, eh) asking $300 to $400 cashing in on the "Twilight" phenomenom. The fact that you want to use up your stash is ever the more sweet, and profitable. I think you could even sell for that price on e-bay. You are a very creative force and years from now your pieces will be coveted heirlooms. Peace

  2. Hi Melanie, I think that Ruralrose makes a good point that one of kind or even limited editions are very much a strong suit for you. I know what you mean about breaking out of "production" mode. It is hard. I can't do it myself unless I take a break from production. I love those fillegree wrapped hearts! That seems a very good start for a line of jewelry. Best wishes, LeAnn

  3. Overall, I'm not a big fan of the brass pieces that are all the rage right now, but this particular pendant is beautiful. I love the contrast between the color of your clay piece and the brass wrapped around it. I may have to re-think my stand on brass after seeing this! Thanks for sharing!