January 27, 2009

Yeah,That's Steampunk

(Me in my Alycia Von Kylnfyre look, which was also my 2008 Halloween costume. Picture by Kat Burgett, see her full album here)

So I am returning to my normal working mode, leaving the world of ConFusion and the Masquerade behind me and settling into my regular work routine before my next adventure. The pic above was from right before my "Yeah, That's Steampunk" panel at Con. I look like a steampunk chick heading off to work on some airship with my travel case (which actually held my Nerf Gun). I presented with fellow Masquerade assistant Limey and Cathy Raymond. I was a little nervous to present a panel, but I had some good solid ideas and had taken notes and written an outline about things I wanted to discuss about Steampunk costuming concepts. I was afraid I might be too quiet or shy or shaky when I started speaking, but I went into Earthenwood mode (the goggles helped, as always) which gave me a boost of confidence and a surprisingly strong voice (I think so... nobody asked me to speak up, at least) and the panel went very well, at least from my side of the table. Cathy helped flesh out some of my ideas and Limey brought his usual humor and charm, as I sort of led the topics along my outline. The audience had some great things to say too, and everyone was very polite and excited about the subject. It was a great experience! We got through all the things on my list and then went even further into a sub-subject that I had hoped we might venture into: feminism and gender fluidity in steampunk. It was an overall delightful experience and I look forward to the possibility of presenting it at another Convention soon (hint hint)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great and empowering time!