January 6, 2009

Sanctuary Series: Creative Maelstrom

The Creative Maelstrom tile is a celebration of the creative thought process. A Maelstrom is a wildly swirling and churning whirlpool, and this is how I visualize the spinning of the mind when gathering up ideas and thoughts when thinking. The swirl of the maelstrom is accompanied by gears to represent process, and little dots of bright color to represent partially formed ideas, getting ready to explode. The books below are like the foundation bricks of the mind, a library of saved ideas and storage for the statistics and facts that we carry with us in our thoughts. This design represents the duality of the creative process and the logical mind, and it makes me think how these two elements work together, and how they are different. The Creative Maelstrom tile was inspired by a very dear friend, who is a poet and a very thoughtful person, and I am pleased to have been able to design and carve it in celebration of this friend.

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