January 8, 2009

Ode to Your Hand

There has been some joking with my friends about how much I dislike Beyonce and her music, and her whole entertainment style. It just really grates me the wrong way. The dancing, the lyrics, the outfits... I don't know... I just get really irritated by her. We watched her performance on SNL a while back, for the "Single Ladies" song, and I was really disturbed by it. Not so much because it was an earworm the size of a giant Dune Sandworm, or that the dancing was so mesmerizing and ridiculous that I could not stop watching... I was disturbed that she had that robot glove thing on her hand, and that I was a little in love with it! This one:
Seriously? That thing is cool, and I was pissed that she was wearing it. It was just so surprising to see such a neat thing on someone who I dislike so much! Someone who seems so unlikely to wear such a thing. She is doing some alter ego futuristic robot thing, I guess. Sasha Fierce or something. And it sucks because it is pretty damn cool. The whole look. Come on, this looks like Metropolis! I want that. Really? Beyonce? *shrug* who knew.
So anyway, as a half joke, I was thinking it would be really neat to do a steampunky version of the robot hand, with leather and ornate brass and whatnot. I started dabbling on that today. I'll post some pictures when I have something to show. It's actually coming out kind of cool. I am a bit afraid that I will end up singing that insipid song when I wear it though. Or heaven forbid, break out with that stupid dance move where she points to her ring finger while saying "you shoulda put a ring on it". groan. *rolls eyes*

Instead I will envision it on a female performer that I think seems more likely to pull it off. Maybe Gwen Stefani, or Pink. And I am not going to post that "Single Ladies" song here on the blog. How about another song for today? One about going to the club with your girlfriends, and being single, not unlike the Beyonce song. And, because I think I am being clever, it is also about *hands*. But in a very different way... hee hee. Pink with "U and UR Hand"


  1. OH, Come on! Give in to your inner "Beyonce"! ; )

  2. LOL! noooooo!

    I guess I am just not Bootyliscious enough or something. Groan...

  3. I often stop in & read, but haven't commented....yet!

    Gotta say that I just loved this post, grinned the whole way through reading it & yep - I agree wholeheartedy ;o)

    Love the choice of vid that you decided to post. Pink is a favorite of this old chick!....& "U and UR Hand" rocks. Now lets be honest anyone who has clubbed at one time or another has had those thoughts, &... well Pink just say's it so well.

  4. darnit...lost a comment the length of Moby Dick! Let me just say you totally cracked me up!!! thanks so much for that! Happy New Year, too!!! love you LOTS!!! xox jean!!!

  5. Ooh, I do love the hand (really don't pay much attention to Beyonce, though). Can't wait to see what you do with the idea! Happy New Year!

  6. I love the hand, but I think that the entire robot costume just looks ridiculous. It gives me flashbacks to that Torchwood episode where the girl was only half Cyberman.

    Can't wait to see your steampunk robot hand :D

  7. What a crack up! Ah I needed that.
    I like the "hand" song you posted MUCH better. ;)

    Can't wait to see your project!

  8. i usually just read and don't comment, but have to agree with above that this post was very entertaining.

    and i know what you mean about "all the single ladies" being hypnotizing - wow.

  9. Hi Melanie,

    Can't wait to see the results of this one.

    I found your page via the latest Bead & Button newsletter.

    Thought you'd like to know that they've mentioned you in one of their recent posts.

    Here's the link -

    Kim Spooner