January 13, 2009

I Have the Touch

Here is the first picture of process on my steampunk robot glove that I blogged about the other day. This is just the finger part, it took some time to make the filigree parts into rings and then "hinge" them with jump rings. They are not fully hinged, but I do have some movement. The rings will stay on just the way they are, but my next step is attaching them to a plate that goes over my hand. I am quite pleased so far and would be happy if this was all I did for the hand, but the whole glove will be very exciting as well.

So as I have been working on it, I have been thinking about hands and touch in mythology, particularly the story of King Midas and the Midas touch. Also, whenever I work with brass, I think of alchemy and the mystery of turning objects into gold (which I just learned is called chrysopoeia. yay new word!) Midas and alchemy are linked in my mind, all twisted together. I started thinking about a magic golden glove, one that has alchemical properties. But perhaps something beyond the ability to turn things into gold, for I am not impressed with mere gold. I would prefer ornate beauty over precious metal any day. And I was thinking of something that would be more steampunkish So I think in my story, having a steam punk fiction inspired glove that would turn things into brass filigree would be even richer than gold. Could you imagine having the magical power to touch something, perhaps something plain and ugly, and watch it come alive with ornament and flourishes? I adore that idea!

Alas, I seem to be crafting a monster of fable and mythology with my glove idea. I love when that happens. I have had one of my favorite songs about *touch* in my mind all day, and was quite pleased to find a fan video for it on You Tube that is just perfect for my story and mood today. The song for today is Peter Gabriel's "I have the Touch" set to scenes from classic Frankenstein!


  1. That is really cool and very creative!

  2. My Dear Creative Woman!


    I'm serious. You've just invented a whole new form of jewelry...without the glove this is brilliant! I can't wait to see the rest!


    Yes, I'm being naggy!

    Love you,

  3. It looks like, to me, you do have the Midas-Filagree touch! Cool!

  4. Hello Melanie,

    I follow your blog and love all your Steampunk components. I debuted in Beadwork magazine the same issue you had your AWESOME article about Steampunk jewelry. You must know that that was incredibly inspiring. I wanted to comment on this post because it was interesting to read about your thoughts on Alchemy and jewelry. My favorite book is The Alchemist, I love it so much that's what I named my current piece in Beadwork! Anyway really interesting term chrysopoeia. Lets see me work THAT into a jewelry title ; )

  5. very similar to one of Beyonce's gloves as sasha Fierce. I like it.

  6. can u please tell me how to make one? i want to d one similarto beyonces

  7. :O How did you do this? SELL SELL!!! I'd so buy this in a shop!!