January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to my favorite Tentacle Monster!

(A glimpse into the eye (err...mouth?) of the beast! Picture by Kat Burgett, see her full album here)
(An october evening of tentacle construction. Picture by Skennedy)

A quick blogging break from all of my own personal costume stuff to say happy birthday to my dear friend Skennedy! I don't think I ever really showed pictures from last halloween of the big project that we worked on together, for his Tentacle Monster costume. We spent an intensive and wonderfully fun week working on it, and it is time that I treasure. The Monster had been hibernating for a couple of months, but we got him out again last weekend for the Masquerade, and it was great to see and even bigger crowd respond to it. Of course, the Monster duo was not complete without Lucy as the Anime Chick, looking sassy and great as usual. What a fun thing to have helped create... I am so glad we got to spend that time together and share these memories! Happy Birthday, Scott!

So raise a glass for a birthday toast, or wave a slimy tentacle... whatever, for Skennedy today!

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