January 12, 2009

Gold Chains and Granny Boots

I bought these brown suede granny style boots at the thrift store for $8. I just passed down the shoe isle and they jumped out at me! They look absolutely brand new, and fit me perfectly, and are a label I have even heard of (Newport News) This was a very good find! I liked the boots just the way they were, but thought I might fancy them up a little bit with some neat brass and tulle trim that I found at JoAnn Fabrics. I stitched the trim all around the top of the boot, so it would hold well, but could also be removed if I changed my mind someday. I was pretty pleased with them, it seemed to make them a bit more formal and Victorian looking somehow. I wanted a somewhat more elegant boot for my steamy clothing, more dressy than the muddy looking work boots that I usually wear.

So I was pleased...until I put them on with some kneesocks and a skirt and looked in the mirror. Not bad, but it gave me a different feeling, not so Victorian anymore. I dunno, it might be my mind paired them with the video I saw yesterday on 80's fashion (with Mr. T! for the win!) I cannot shake the 80's feeling from the boots now. And that's the 1980's, not the 1880's. Something about the granny boot + tulle + little brass brads. I am unsure about them now. I feel like I have tripped into two different times, and it is confusing.

But then again, maybe I can rock an 80's inspired steampunk look... what do you think? Big double belts (but with brass buckles and brown leather instead of the dayglo ones I had as a kid)? Lacey gloves and tights like Madonna wore (she totally stole that from the Victorian era, she just made them fingerless and with stirrup pants)? What about Mr. T's gold chain look, but done in brass? I am rather amused with not only the thought of mixing these two time periods and cultures. How would you make a 1880/1980 steampunk costume?

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  1. Okay that Mr. T fashion video was horrifying. Talking about a "pink ensemble"?! Mr. T how could you?!

    That aside, I guess I can see where you get the feeling of an 80's flashback, unwanted and unbidden.
    But the boots look good! I just can't imagine them continuing to look 80's with an entire steampunk ensemble. (I'd like to see Mr. talk about that!)