January 2, 2009

gearing up

Happy New Year everyone! I am still on vacation, but one of my goals for the new year is to start blogging more again, so here I am. Vacation has been good: I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends and have been having fun. But since my art and my business are such a big part of my life, I never really go totally on vacation...I am always thinking and planning and plotting. I am excited about new projects this year, and new research. I have been thinking about the changes I want to make to my business, so I can feel more creative and work more on new ideas more frequently instead of just endlessly doing production. I have been thinking about taking classes or doing some research in art history, which really interests me, and I have a few promising projects that are motivating me to pursue that passion. Also, I am very excited about the work I am doing for some upcoming Conventions, which is a new part of my life. The Cons are mostly events which interest me primarily in a personal sense, as a form of social networking and making new friends, and I am not sure if and how my work/art life will intersect with them... but the way I work and think, it will probably end up relating in some way or another. At least I hope it will help me think about business in new ways, and get to be crafty in ways that are not solely for my own business, but for a greater goal. Today is a crafty day, and I hope we will be putting the stencils I worked on a few weeks ago (shown above) to use. I also got a huge garbage bag of clothing from the thrift store that I am using to repurpose and upcycle into costuming stuff. I am really itching to sew, honestly. The clothes are tossing around in the dryer right now, and soon I will gather all my supplies and head off for a day of crafting with friends. Whee!


  1. Hope you satisfied your sewing itch. I'm trying to ignore that little voice in my head that wants to buy a sewing machine! :)

  2. Have fun and carry a seed of inspiration with you always. For if you give your heart this seed and what it needs to grow, you'll always be happy and never tire. Don't believe me! Try it!

  3. Michelle,
    Well, I didn't really get to sew, but i did get to paint and pin and cut and other stuff, so I am still happy! OOh sewing machines are fun trouble!

    Thank you so much! I usually wander around with a headfull of inspiration seeds, lol! I am working on making the time to nurture them now. That's my goal lately! Happy new year to you!