January 26, 2009

the details of ConFusion

Detail of my Steampunk Phone (or Coolest Phone Ever as Dave the photographer says. See more of his pictures of the Con here.)

I am looking through all the great pictures taken this weekend at ConFusion and I wanted to share a few that I found of myself. I am still decompressing, as it was a wonderful but very busy and exciting weekend! The Masquerade was wonderfully successful, and I am very proud to have been a part of it. I am looking forward to more conventions and working on more costuming in the future!

(detail of my Goggles by Kat Burgett, see her full album here)

One thing that I noticed and talked about with a variety of people was about my attention to detail. I do come from a jewelers' background, so this is not surprising. I think as far as costuming goes, I am much more interested in accessories and details than the overall look (when it comes to my own costuming pursuits). I think these pictures prove this. It makes me wonder if I would be suited for doing work on photo shoots or movie props or something. hmm. Anyway, I am becoming very interested in costuming as a whole, and really developing a passion for it. Not just in my own costuming, but helping and encouraging others to work on their own creative endeavors, and helping to create events where they can show them off. I sort of stumbled into this, and this passion has been growing over the last few months. With the success of the weekend, it is obvious to me that I want to pursue it further, in some manner. Anyway, thank you all who made the Masquerade great! More about the big picture soon...

Detail of my Clockwork Necklace (picture by Kat Burgett, see her full album here)


  1. I love the way that your beads integrate into the clock hand necklace. It is such a gorgeous finished piece. I have a serious case of jewelry envy. Looks like you had a great time and Dave the photographer is right, that IS the coolest phone ever. :)

  2. I love that Clockwork necklace--that really is a fantastic piece!