January 15, 2009

a bounty of gears!

ooh look what came out of the kilnfire this morning! A huge pile of gear charms! These were made especially as prizes for the ConFusion Masquerade! The costuming chair wanted to have a very special Masquerade contest, with really great and special prizes. These charms are going out to each costumer who participates (while they last). I am happy to be be a part of the prizes by donating them, and to get to meet a bunch of people who have similar interests in costuming and steampunk.

Whew! I have a lot to do on my own costume in the next week. I plan to dress in my sorta steampunky clothes all weekend. But that is mostly just my normal clothes plus goggles, and a few more accessories. But I am working on a special costume for the night of the Masquerade. Its all new and it involves painting some ready made clothing to change the looks, plus some cool accessories (the alchemical robot glove will go with this ensemble). I will take pictures and show more next week as I progress.

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