January 7, 2009

Bare Bones

I have been thinking about bones lately, both in a literal sense of the skeleton and in a conceptual way as well. And its funny to me how sometimes when I get something in my head, the ideas and imagery keeps popping up all over the place. It started the other day, when I was thinking about how I wanted to strip my website down, to the bare bones of my line, to make room for new items. I was thinking of my work as a body, and I sometimes need to reflect and narrow things down to the basics in order to make room for new ideas. I am doing a serious job of this right now, a little at a time, picking through and choosing the absolute essentials, down to the skeleton structure.
And the interesting coincidence is that someone sent me a link to a blog this morning about a Japanese funeral cremation ritual (warning, a little graphic) about a very similar idea, or at least similar imagery. That made me think about a necklace I made in college that resembled a spine with a vertabrae pendant. I thought... I should get that out of storage and look at it again, I think I am interested in exploring bones and skeletons again for a new line. I have also been thinking about skeleton keys lately, as well as the boning in corsets, things that have been important for me lately thinking about costuming and steampunk. I was just sort of brainstorming those two things, and enjoying the word play...thinking of them made up of actual bones, instead of keys and metal.
Later this afternoon, I was at the thrift store looking for clothing to upcycle for my Confusion costumes, and I saw this necklace in the jewelry counter. It has two large (about 2 inches) vertabrae made into beads. I did a double take and immediately got back in line to buy the necklace (for a mere $2.80). I am not sure what I will do with it yet, but it seemed serendipidous that it was just there today, with all my thoughts lately. I wonder where this inspiration will take me...

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