December 5, 2008

The Potters Market

Well after a series of kiln mishaps and adventures in glazing, I finally finished all of my inventory for the Potters Market. I don't know how I managed to make all these tiles over the year! It looks pretty impressive though. I also made some jewelry, mostly simple pieces on faux suede or gunmetal chain. I hope to list some of those on Etsy when the show is done. I really enjoy doing this show, and even though I don't have as much inventory this year as usual, I am excited to be working at the Market, seeing all the great pots and tiles that my peers have made, and spending time with a great group of people that I don't get to see as much anymore, because I don't do the art fair circuit anymore. Its a great time, and a great show. If you are in the Metro Detroit area this weekend, I hope you will visit the Potters Market. and check out some of the best clay in the state!


  1. Hey! I see tiles that were not shown on your blog! Hmpf! They are very cool! I love the light bulb! Have a great show!

  2. I LOVE YOUR TILES! And I would love to see them in a necklace! Have a great show and have a Blessed Holiday Season !!

  3. I wish I lived closer. I love your tiles.

  4. Gaea,
    ooh, good eye! I am working on getting them all posted soon! eep! so busy! soon!

    Hee! Thanks for looking!

    thanks! They are actually wall pieces, not beads. The scale is hard to convey, I know. They would make cool beads, though, huh?

    Aw, thanks! The show was much fun, and quite successful.