December 15, 2008

gears in motion

So things are calming down here in the studio. I have almost all of my holiday orders packed and ready to ship. Just one or two lingering around. I will drop off a big pile of envelopes at the post office today and my holiday vacation will be just about ready to start! I really need a break, I have been working hard all year.

This weekend I was able to hang out with friends for a bit and work on a crafty project that was not Earthenwood related! As much as I work with my hands and do crafty stuff all the time, I don't really get a lot of time to just play. On Saturday, I got to play with some heavy cardboard and a utility knife, and cut out 4 large stencils of gears for a project. I am helping to make some fabric backdrops for a stage, and it has a steampunk theme, so we wanted large stencils. We will use them to spray paint or sponge paint onto fabric and I am excited to work on the painting part after the holidays sometime. I think the stencils themselves are really neat looking, so I snapped a few pictures to share with you. The one above is the biggest gear, before I cut the insides out, with my feet shown for scale. I am really enjoying working on such big projects, it is so different from the teeny tiny details that I work with every day.

Just a quick pop into the blog to show what I have been up to lately, I know I have been quiet, its just so busy. I am having fun though, and am looking forward to starting to shop for the holidays, and gift wrapping, and making cookies and enjoying the season with friends and family.

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