November 1, 2008

Steamy Aviator Scarf project

So I was thinking at the last minute the other day, that I might be spending Halloween doing some trick or treating with my friends' kids and that it might be cold. So I really needed a scarf to go with my outfit, to keep me warm! I envisioned something really long, and thin, aviator style, something that an airship tinkerer might wear, one that had remnants of rusty gears and grime worn into it. Heh, turns out I did not trick or treat, and the evening was beautiful and unseasonably warm anyways, but I had whipped up a fun and quick steam inspired scarf anyways. So, I wanted to share a quick DIY tutorial with you...
I bought a remnant of brown jersey fabric at the craft store. I cut (well, cut a notch and then tore) a strip pretty haphazardly, about 8 inches long. I wanted this to be a very long scarf, so I cut a second piece and sewed the ends together. I gathered the painting materials, shown above: some spray camouflage fabric spray, from Joann Fabrics, and some rust fabric spray. I also had a big metal sawblade that I used as a stencil.
I laid out some cardboard (not shown) and spread the scarf out on it. I started at the bottom and set the sawblade in a corner. I randomly sprayed and splattered the paints over the surface, making sure the area around the blade was covered.
When I removed the blade, the design was left, and I was really pleased with the faint shadow of the blade teeth. It was very subtle. I wiped off the saw blade and repositioned it, and started painting again. I repeated this throughout the scarf and splattered more of the rust paint over the whole surface, including the areas that had been blocked by the stencil, so those areas didn't look so "clean". I was really happy with the overall look, and let it dry overnight.
I wore the scarf wrapped around my neck a couple of times and looped through. It was rather cute, and I was happy that it was a quick and easy project. I really liked this technique, and I plan to paint more clothing like this. ooh! I think its a good technique for shirts and stuff that get little would be a good way to mask them and create something new in the process!


  1. really kewl scarf! really kewl blog! BTW, you've been TAGGED. Visit my blog, Nov 1st entry for the rules and I look forward to seeing your info.
    thanks! Kat BM

  2. Hey Melanie!
    I am enjoying your crafting with steampunk! I just wanted to check that you had gotten my email. I've been having problems with my account and had sent you a note last week... Gaea

  3. That is totally cool. It turned out great!