November 25, 2008

Sanctuary Series: Fortress Key

This tile is the companion piece to the lock image in the Fortess Threshhold tile. The key accompanies the lock and is symbolic of many things. It is the device that opens a lock or a door, it holds much power. It can be a key of happiness, of strength, of knowledge.

I designed this key to be elegant and beautiful, and the way the top of the key formed into an infinity symbol was not planned, it just happened as I carved, and I really enjoy that element to it. The key sets atop of a large gear image with darkness behind it, with bright red drops coloring it, making it stand out visually in the center of the tile. It is a strong image to me, the key, as if it is guarding and protecting something, and it also is full of possibilities.

What could be behind the lock that it allows access to?

Info about the ceramic tiles:

This sturdy stoneware tile is approximately 3.5"w x 4.5"h. It has a notch on the back for hanging onto a wall. It will lay flush with the wall if using a small nail or a flat head screw. The tile can be used outdoors too, although I recommend bringing it in for the winter months, to prevent freezing. Keys and ruler are shown for scale, and do not come with this purchase. Available in the Earthenwood Ceramic Etsy shop


  1. It's amazing just how creative we can be with making impressions into various media. I applaud Earthenwood for this venture into ceramics.

    I have been experimenting with transferring tarot card images to Polymer Clay as part of my Mythology theme for jewelry.
    Just Jane

  2. I'm going to try to convince Chris that we need the lock and key to hang here in our semi-steampunk office :D