November 17, 2008

chugging along

I had a wonderful weekend on a field trip to the Henry Ford Museum, where a big group of us went to see an exhibition of costumes from science fiction and fantasy based movies. It was mighty cool. I didn't get any pictures, because cameras were not welcomed in the special exhibit, but I was quite inspired! I enjoyed checking out the rest of the museum too. Particularly the steam powered engine stuff! Huge rooms filled with gears and machinery! It would be a great place for a steampunk photo shoot.

Anyway, I have been having a great time with my friends lately, doing work and crafty things while hanging out, and doing inspiring things like time at the museum. Now I am back home and settled in to work. I am a wee bit behind, so today is a two kiln day. I hope to get some orders shipped today and make some progress this week on other orders. And I don't know how this happened, but it is suddenly mid November, and I have to think about my big holiday pottery show. It is a bit overwhelming, but I am trying to not get as stressed out about holiday sales as I have in past years. Just chugging along, trying to find a good pace.

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