October 19, 2008

Steamy Spotlight: Green Girl Studios

So I was tagged by the always amazing Andrew Thornton on his blog the other day, but honestly I am not feeling the meme love today. But it did prompt me to sit down and blog today, and I think that's one of the points of those memes, so here we are. It also reminded me that in my recent and sudden disappearance from blogland, that I never finished my thoughts on a series I was working on, which actually has to do with Andrew and his family. So go figure! Here is the completion of my thoughts from the Steamy Spotlight series:

The final supplier that I used as a resource for my article on Steampunk in beaded jewelry for Beadwork Magazine is one of my very favorite bead studio of artisans: Green Girl Studios. I met Cynthia of Green Girl many years ago, at one of my first bead shows out of state. I fell in love with her carving style and her handcrafted pewter beads, and I have been following her work ever since. We share a love of folklore and fairytale, and because of this, we share many of the same customers. I love to see designers use our works together, because they are great elements for telling stories through jewelry.

In recent years, I have met more of the Green Girl family, including Andrew, who is Cynthia's brother. He is an incredible wordsmith and artist and blogger, and a friend as well! Andrew helped me with some incredible and magical quotes for the Steampunk article, as he is well versed in fiction and storytelling and mythology. His quotes added some very thoughtful and poetic elements to the article, and I thank him for them. And his text was a perfect match when mixed with the examples of the Green Girl beads I used for the article, shown above. I chose the series of hearts above, which to me, have a steampunky quality, with the keyholes and rivets and aged look. Since i wrote the article, Green Girl has come out with even more steamy beads, like a skeleton key and a keyhole pendant, both of which I adore. Check out all the delightful pewter and silver and bronze goodies that they have to offer on their website!


  1. I can't wait until the gem show in February, I am going to be *all over* those new steampunky components!

    (and by the way, I love the Beadwork article. Great job!)

  2. Hey Melanie! You are far too kind! All of your flattering words are making me blush! I'm glad that you participated in the tag thing in your own way. That's something that I admire about you. You do things in your own way.

    Thanks again! You're great!