October 23, 2008

Monsters and Weapons

I have been busy lately! But for an awesome change of pace, I am caught up on work and have been busy doing crafty stuff for FUN! Imagine that! I have spent this week working on a really big, super secret Halloween project for my friends. ooh! You can see a little peek of me with part of it above, last night, bleary eyed after hours of work. I better keep it hush-hush for now, but I hope to post some pictures of it soon. It has been wildly entertaining to work on a project of this size, and it makes me want to work on stuff for stage or costuming someday...

Doing this work has also put me in the Halloween spirit and I have decided to work on something I have been wanting to do for a long time. If you have known me for a while, you might recall that I was dreaming up a Steampunk alter-ego in the spring. Alycia Von Kylnfyre is her name, and I spent the spring and summer thinking about her persona and gathering elements for not just a costume, but more of a wardrobe. The goggles, the boots, the jewelry, the casual tomboyish yet somethat tailored steampunky clothing. I have really enjoyed it and have actually incorporated parts of it into my daily wardrobe (although, I promise that I don't wear the goggles on a daily basis... that's just for special occasions!)

Anyway, I have really wanted to finish the more costumey parts of the look with a weapon. And Halloween is the perfect opportunity. So I went to the toy store yesterday and picked out a fine Nerf dart gun, and have begun work to modify it to look more brassy and aged. (what? check out some examples here) I am sure it will take many steps and coats of paint. Plus I have some little fun surprises to add to it, to make it a weapon fit for a Porcelain Alchemist and
Keramic Tinkersmith. Here is the first step:


  1. Ha ha! That's great. My brother has started modding welder's goggles and Nerf guns for steampunk and cyberpunk costumes. He uses this spray paint that really makes things look like brass... want me to ask him for the brand name?

    I'm probably not doing anything for Halloween this year, and I'm pretty bummed about it. My husband decided to go to a party hosted by someone I don't like, so I get to stay home alone :/

  2. Oh I totally should have spray painted! I was just so excited to start! I have seen some metallic paint that looks like hammered metal. That would be neat!

    Aww, sorry you are not going out this year. I have never really been to a big party, so I am super excited!

  3. The hammered metal look would be great, too!

    Here's my brother's shop, he actually has one of his guns listed:

  4. Ok, I asked Joe and he said that he uses a Rustoleum Metallics (or maybe Specialty Metallics) paint. He said "Basically look for the Rustoleum with the brass cap."