October 29, 2008

happiness is a brass gun

ooh, look at me! Don't I look like a bad-ass you don't want to mess with? This is my favorite picture from last weekend's Halloween party, where I was hamming it up for my buddy who took my picture on my cell phone. The Nerf Gun looks pretty scary there, doesn't it? I showed this weapon to my parents the other day. Dad seemed to thing it was awesomely cool, and Mom, well, she sorta rolled her eyes at her eccentric daughter and wondered about my new fascination with a toy gun. Seriously, I am still a pacifist, and I really do abhor guns and violence (which I have talked about on this blog, many times, like here and here and here) But in the name of fiction and fantasy and costuming, I really enjoyed working on this little make believe device of violence. Anyway, I am always on the "good guy" side... you believe me, right?...

Here are two pictures of the finished modified Nerf steampunk gun. I am rather pleased with the way it turned out. Some brass and copper and silver paint over that bright yellow plastic turned it into a mean machine. Brown and rust paint to antique it gave it a worn and used look. I loved obsessively painting and repainting the surface to make it look less new. And it really shoots Nerf Darts, which is the most fun thing about it!

ok, kiddies, don't try this at home... In order to really fit my Alycia Von Kylnfyre character, I thought some *real* fire needed to come from the gun. So I attached a small butane torch, which really works, as you can see in the picture above. heh...nothing goes better with Nerf foam than fire, right? Seriously, it is only for looks, just having fun here.


  1. Three words for you


    You go girl with your bad self!

  2. Oooh, right out of an anime! I love the name Kylnfyre, too. Did you read that article yesterday about the company that is going to start offering rides in a dirigible in California? I think it's about $300 for an hour, so I'll never be going, but the whole concept is kind of cool...

  3. That is AWESOME!!!! Love the little torch :)

    And I want to go on one of those dirigible rides so badly!

  4. hee hee, thanks Lorelei!

    Melissa, ooh dirigible~ coolness! and thanks. I sorta have been dreaming up little stories about my character, which is fun. I imagine my car as my airship...it is part mobile transportation and part kiln! whee!

    Aj, thanks! yeah the torch is really a fun touch. And when it is on and hissing, its super cool.

  5. This is seriously very cool and the case that you created really is fabulous too, as is your steampunk jewellery.

    btw: I can't remember how I came across your blog but I discovered it again while I was going through my bookmarks. I'm pleased that I stopped by.

  6. azrica,
    thank you for the compliments! I am glad you found me again too. Thanks for stopping by!