October 27, 2008

full of hot air

Well, the Halloween party was much fun and a huge success! I hope to blog about it this week. Pictures are getting posted and I am recovering and cleaning up back at the house. But I am not done, I am continuing to make additions to my costume! I have another party to go to this week, and I am really getting into the spirit of costuming. But before I yammer on about the new things I am going to make, or talk about my thoughts about the costumes I worked on and saw this weekend, I wanted to share the other weapon/accessory that I made last week.

I have been wanting to create weapons for the Alycia VonKylnfyre character that have to do with fire and kilns and ceramics. The one thing I really wanted was bellows, which seems like a great old tool that you never see any more. I had no idea where to even find one, though. But shopping at Target the other day, I ran into the BBQ section, and found bellows there! On sale for $10 even! It is made of wood and leather, and was bound by black wide head nails. I had to have it! So, a little gold paint, and an oven thermometer attached to the front, along with some more suede and brass elements, and it quickly became a steampunk tool perfect for a girl out to save the world with fire and clay. I am very pleased with it! Here is one of the pictures of me this weekend, complete with my steamy bellows:


  1. I have two words for you:

    B A D - ASS!!!

  2. Yay for Target!

    I LOVE the costume and the bellows!

  3. Wow, you look great. And that gun is bigger than it looked in the previous picture.

  4. Lorelei,
    hee, wait until you see the badass picture I post today!

    Thanks AJ!
    Yeah I found most of the parts of the costume in unusually common places, they just get steamy when combinecd together, which is neat

    yeppers! Its a big gun, hilariously oversized!

  5. You SO Rock!! Love the costume and all the accessories. Can't wait to see the finished product all together!

  6. I love your Steam Punk jewelery never stop !! You ROCK !