October 8, 2008

Bonanza of Beadies!

Ok, I have not blogged in a while, yet again. I am being lured out to blogland by a dear friend who is poking me with a blog meme. Sorry, no time for that, but I will post...and with pictures! Look! Me all dressed up in my casual steampunky goodness for the Bead Bonanza on Sunday! Any day I get to wear the goggles is a good day.
A quick pic of my booth. Looking a little sparse there, but that's ok. I can say? I was going for a minimalistic approach to retail. Hey, that works. It was a good show, it was great to see all my friends from the Mighty Beadworkers Guild, as well as many friends from far and near. I had some great discussions and creative brainstorming and YAY! beads everywhere. A very good day indeed! A happy day, see:


  1. Wow! You look great! Love that outfit! Very cool!

  2. You are looking good girlfriend!
    It's too bad I don't like driving on the east side of the state cause that's a show that's lots of fun to go to. There's one in GR this Saturday that I'm thinking of going to. Just to look at the goodies..hahaha

  3. I love your beads and your display is just lovely. It looks very well organized and pleasing to the eye.

    Love those goggles too!