October 24, 2008

and we make a neat gun...

So, here is an update and some pictures of the steampunk Nerf gun mod that I am working on... I was able to do a lot of work yesterday and I am pleased in the way it is coming along. I think it is getting that distressed, dirty look that I was hoping for. Last night, I glued some brass elements to one side, covering the logos and plastic bits that I didn't like, and making it a little more elegant. Now I have to match the other side to this side and let it dry! And fill in all those little bits that didn't get to paint properly. I can see the value in disassembling the whole gun and spray painting it now. hmm... *taking notes for next time*

I was thinking that the paint job would be pretty fragile (although I think I will spray it with a clear matte seal when I am done with the detailing). I looked around and saw a case that i used for my bead show display, and it fits the gun perfectly! I even had some foam in the basement, to make it look like a real steamy ammo case, how funny! I need to figure out a way to strap the gun to my body now, a holster or something similar. I will take more pictures as I progress...


  1. AWESOME! The brass elements are a great touch, but the steamy gun case is really what makes it.

  2. (By the way, is the title a reference to the end theme from Portal? Because it's running through my head now)

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  4. I love your steamy gun. I found this article and thought your might be interested. This link is from an article in Wired:

    It's not exactly steampunk, yet it is soooo much the heart of steampunk.

  5. Wow - That gun is out of the world! You have attended to every detail, very steamy!

    - Elaine

  6. Just don't try to board a plane with that thing or you will have some explaining to do!

  7. AJ,
    Thanks! The gun case just came together in one quick swoop! Instant lightbulb idea!

    But what i really want is a holster or bandolier...thats what I am working on now. Its a big weapon though, lol!

    And nice catch on the Portal theme! My friends all love it and we sing it frequently. They are mostly on LJ...are you on Live Journal too?

    Hi Tari! Nice to see you!

    WOW! Thanks for the link! That is an amazing library. Very much the heart of steampunk!

    thanks! oh i could continue with this costume's details for hours and hours. heh. Actually I am working more on it now while i am in the mood and have the time.

    oh noes! I agree, that would be very bad! It's a scary looking thing! hee hee, and i was worried about taking my fairy wings on the plane for fairy con!

  8. Nope, no LJ for me... My Blog and Facebook and the various forums I'm on keep me busy enough! But the Portal theme is pretty popular with my friends, too, and Chris has it on his playlist, so I hear it pretty often :)

  9. That is indescribably awesome. I can't believe it started life as a Nerf gun. Fabulous.