October 13, 2008

and the kitchen gets done, and we start to have fun...

heh, ok, its not quite kitchen fun time yet. But it is getting closer to done, a teeny bit at a time. Whoo Hoo! A bit more paint is up and a few more tiles on the floor. And I was able to move a temporary shelving unit into the space so I can actually continue working and have all my stuff there. It is hard to not be able to use the kitchen and all the appliances like I usually do, and I know this project will continue to take a long time, especially in between my orders and other work. But right now it is in a semi functional state, which makes me happy.
And now I can continue with the rest of the kitchen in a much less haphazard way. The rest of it will be done in the proper order... plastering, wall scraping, painting, and floor, not a little bit of each in one corner! *boggles* yes I am a little silly sometimes. I did not start out this project with the most rational plan of attack. But that's ok. The important thing is that it is getting done, and that I am very pleased with how it is coming.

ooh, to motivate me more, I took a visit to Ikea last week, and picked out a countertop cabinet unit and got some ideas for storage and accessories. Lots of fun stuff to shop for when I get the major work done. I can't wait!

Sorry I don't really have anything much new to share, art or bead wise. Just keeping up with orders for now, not really doing anything new. I miss it a little, but things come in waves....

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