September 9, 2008

Steamy Spotlight on Ornamentea

Last week I was blogging a little more about some of the suppliers that I highlighted in my Beadwork article about Steampunk. Today's spotlight is on the North Carolina store Ornamentea. This is one of my very favorite online shops, and I would love to visit Raleigh one day and go to the physical storefront. It sounds like a wonderful place full of inspiration and creativity. I love the design of their website too, it inspires me as both a customer and as an artist who designs her own website. It's just always changing in exciting ways and there are new things added all the time. Ornamentea carries a whole line of great raw brass lockets and charms and things that have a steampunk feel. I used the little hinged boxes above with my steam gear stones to make the necklace that was used on the cover of Step By Step Beads! Also, I provided the odds and ends (or bits and bobs, as they call them) shown below for the Beadwork article. I love the little boxes of tiny cogs and gears! I have several, but have yet to play with them. Please visit the shop and see what they have to offer, and if you are a local and can visit the shop, check in soon to see a selection of my handcrafted beads in person!


  1. The frames (all the supplies really!) are awesome! How do the little frames stay shut?

  2. Hey Melanie! After our trip to Anne Choi's house, Cynthia was converted to the cult of the dolls. I think they're cool, but not as cool as Cynthia. Anyway, Cynthia and I were looking at magazines, and saw Fashion Doll Quarterly. They had an article on Steampunk fashion for DOLLS! Pretty cool, eh?

  3. Gaea,
    There is a little notch snap on the box, it seems to hold really well actually!

    ooh dolls! Not really my thing but I would love to see what Cynthia and Anne collect and make. I will check out that issue of the magazine, because that sounds awesome. You should tell Jean about it too!

  4. oh fun! I'll have to order some stuff when I get back from the UK! thanks for posting about them!