September 28, 2008


Where the heck have I been? I dropped off the face of the blogosphere! Lets see, I returned from my trip, which was a mostly wonderful experience, only partially marred by illness of one of my dear friends while there. Anyway, I returned to a pile of orders and article writing deadlines. But also returned to the task of dealing with the broken fridge. A new one is ordered and arriving hopefully tomorrow. I am excited! YAY for cold food! But since a large kitchen object was going to be moved, I figured that this was the time to deal with the monstrosity called the kitchen floor that came with this house. Look at that delightful linoleum above! Thankfully, with a little help from my parents, that floor is in garbage bags getting ready to go to the curb tonight.
And with a LOT of help from my parents, a new underfloor is in place now. I am just taking a break from filling in the holes and gaps with levelling compound. Home improvement tasks like this are sort of one of the ultimate forms of craftsmanship. And since I generally love Craft, and tools, and process, I am really enjoying some of this. I get to use new tools, learn new techniques, and spend time with materials. Today is a quiet day at home, listening to music, filling in the gaps and levelling the floor, and soon, setting some new flooring in. I hope to at least get the fridge area done, so when it arrives tomorrow, it can be put right in place on its new shiny floor area. sweet.

This week it is back to filling orders, and getting ready for a bead show on Sunday in Southfield. I will be a busy, busy girl this week.

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  1. Welcome back! You're a better person than I - home improvement just stresses me out. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful new floor, though.