September 29, 2008

improvement update

Whew! Still very busy lately, but making progress! Slowly, but surely. On the kitchen front I was able to get a lot of work done. The old floor is gone, the subfloor is ready, and the tile is going in! I chose this rusty slate style of vinyl type square. I really like it. But wait! ... I thought... These walls need painting too! And if I do the walls first, then I am less likely to get paint on the floor. Because I know I am a total paint slob. So... off to the home improvement store again. I chose a pale khaki tan for the bottom and a grey for the top, carefully co-ordinated to go with the fridge and the tile, and in a shade as pale as I could stand. What can I say, I like the dark earthtones!

But while I did really want my fridge to arrive soon, it came almost a little too soon to finish the walls and the floors. I was against the clock! Rushing like crazy. My goal, to finish at least the fridge corner before the delivery arrived. I was able to get the walls done and the floor set just in time, and the movers were really good about not messing up the wet paint.

And so it stands! My new appliance and a tiny peek into a corner of my new kitchen! Oh, there is so much more work to do in there, but to see this little glimpse gives me much encouragement and motivation. I am actually excited to work on the rest, which I can do myself...the spackling, the painting, the tiling. It is quite satisfying to alter and improve a space in such a big way! Unfortunately, I have had to put more work on hold now that the kitchen functions again (COLD FOOD! For the Win!) But I finished a big article project, and am making way on my big orders, and the show this Sunday will be here soon, so I hope next week I can get a little more done. yay!

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  1. I know your busy, but I think we need to hear from you. So I tagged you and want you to play :^)
    Go to my blog and see what you think, but you don't HAVE to play.
    Take care!